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Here's a deep dive into some of the common questions, but please reach out for more information!

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WHAt is Coaching?

Coaching is defined by the International Coaching Federation as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment." As a coach, I create space and opportunity for my clients to access their own creativity and resources in order to realize their goals and deepest desires. 

How will I know you're the right coach for me?

We will do a 30-minute intro session to get to know one another briefly and introduce my style of coaching and what has drawn you to coaching.  It is important that you feel a sense of connection and comfort with your coach.  In addition, it is equally important that you chose someone who can challenge you and push you beyond your perceived limits while championing and supporting you.

How many sessions for Coaching or Business Consultation?

This is unique to each individual and organization, however I recommend a minimum of 6 - 50 minute sessions twice monthly and often I will work with clients for about 10-12 sessions for 50 minutes each.


While most everyone is a good candidate to have a coach (I have one myself!) it is those that are willing, engaged and motivated to grow that will benefit the most. That willingness could include moments of stretching, challenging and discomfort.  As a coach, I am here to serve your highest good, not necessarily please you.  So you may not always hear what you want to hear to reach your desired results and ultimate goal.   If you or someone you know may be interested, send them my way and the initial session is a good way for them to get a feel for if we would be a good fit and learn ways you'd like to be coached.  While working with the Co-Active model, I’ll also bring my insights and experiences in small business, entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership, mindfulness and being a HUMAN to my coaching work.  I believe everyday is a dance between:
·      curiosity
·      intuition
·      nurturing
·      creating
·      clarity
·      courage
·       action
·      achieving


WHy Coaching?

Imagine a relationship of possibilities where the total focus is on you ... on what you want in your life and on what will help you achieve it ... Imagine a relationship with someone who’s only motive is to help you connect the dots, deepen your learning, and offer you perspectives and tools that will help you move forward and achieve your goals.  This coaching relationship is one of trust, confidentiality and accountability.


While it certainly can be therapeutic, coaching differs from therapy in a few fundamental ways. Therapy holds the therapist as the expert and focused on making connections between a client's past and their present. Coaching focuses on the here-and-now + actionable steps for moving into the client's desired future. While coaching will explore roadblocks or assumptions that can hinder growth, it focuses on  strengths to realize potential rather than focusing on "problems" or obstacles.  If deeper mental health needs arise, we have trained therapist referrals available to support you.

How does creativity intersect with Life and Business coaching?

For some time I didn't view myself as creative, but through listening to my inner stirrings I discovered incredible talents and discovered that we truly have the potential to design the life and business we most desire.   Human beings and organizations inherently co-create to exist and so there may tools we incorporate into our work to tap into a variety of aspects of who you are but don't feel you need to "be creative" to work together, you already ARE creative.


Absolutely!  This is an area that is a big draw for both emerging and established business owners. I often get approached for business consulting or mentoring from someone seeking to broaden their business knowledge or encouragement to turn their passion into their livelihood.  Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey but the thrill of seeing your idea and passion come to life can be so rewarding.