SOUL CREATIVE's mission is to empower people and organizations to live their most fulfilling, creative and optimal lives that is a dynamic balance of our core values.

Core Values

  • Interconnectedness + Independence

  • Passion + Open-mindedness

  • Growth + Self-acceptance

  • Challenging + Nurturing

  • Boldness + Stability

  • Creativity + Structure


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My Journey

Emily Dreblow Rey, CPCC
Owner + Founder

My journey with SOUL CREATIVE began many years before it came to fruition. As the owner of a boutique floral design company in San Francisco for nearly 15 years, I've been passionate about creating and growing with all layers of grit, creativity and hard work. (Owning a business is no joke!) I'm very grateful for my journey with Soulflower Design Studio and humbled by the success my business has experienced. But I can say first hand that it was not always roses! I suffered from chronic fatigue, anxiety and burnout and through my own coaching process, I've been able access deeper places within myself to ignite the richness of my creativity, deepen my self understanding and strengthen the tools and rituals for self care. As an entrepreneur in a creative business, both the outside and internal demands are high but working with mentors and business coaches have helped hone my business practices to maintain a thriving business and balanced life. Through these experiences emerged both the wisdom and desire to work with others on their journey through life and business to become a certified Professional Coach.

Professionally, I recently served as President for the International Live Events Association Northern California chapter. I also completed 200-hour coaching training and certification with the Coaches Training Institute and the year-long EO Accelerator program with the Entrepreneur's Organization.

I love giving back and working in the local community. Prior to owning my own business, I worked as a program manager in a young women's leadership program and continue to be involved in nonprofit community work with several Bay Area youth and arts organizations.

When I'm not working, I'm active playing soccer, hiking with my Boston Terrier, doing yoga, traveling or hoping to stay up late enough for live music with my husband and friends!